The Dirge: Series Pilot

| August 7, 2014


The Dirge: Series Pilot

What could have caused the dragons to decide they are tired of being pushed around by lesser beings? For the first time they’ve chosen to spread their wings and have taken over the second largest city in the Dwarven kingdom. Join with the Magical Seven as they react to this revolt.

More than any other time in their history the Dwarves need heroes, a crazy inventor and his family are the ones who step up to the challenge. Dr. Kilgen is a Dwarf on a mission. Since the dragons attacked his village he has spent every minute that he isn’t saving Dwarves at the hospital inventing steam powered machines of mass dragon destruction.

Can the Dwarven Dragon Hunters of THE DIRGE and the Magical Seven put down the dragon uprising and reclaim their fallen city? Or will the dragon’s fire ultimately leave their inventions in a cloud of smoke?


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