The Real Dad: A Novel of Suspense

| March 1, 2015


Lulie and Nate Brannigan have had a loving, dreamlike marriage for the past four years. Nate’s stepchildren are calling him dad, and all is warm and cozy in the Brannigan home until an unexpected visit.

Police come to their door, arrest Nate, and won’t say why. Then, in an abuse of their power, they force the wife and children to come along, in a second squad. Lulie is seething. “What do you even think my husband’s done?”

She is to find out all too soon, and she wants him away from her kids. Must she choose between her long-sought love and the unthinkable?

Within nine days, Nate’s bailed out and thinks he can come home.

He keys himself in and refuses to leave, so she and the boys have to go. They run, keep moving, even hide, but they can’t shake him. “It’s not just me, he wants to be your real dad, again,” she tells them. Nate will stop at nothing to get his family back.

Be prepared to burn the midnight oil as you get lost in the horrifying realities of this dark thriller of a tale.

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