The Shining River

| August 9, 2014


The Shining River

A YOUNG LAD IS ON THE RUN, ON A DESPERATE QUEST FOR FREEDOM …… When fifteen-year-old Elran meets Ayra, the new girl in the village, his life begins to take an unexpected turn. Through her, he learns about a new, albeit strange, account regarding the constant darkness shrouding their land of Hadar that is largely in disagreement with the Legend—the story authorized by the establishment to explain the existence of the ruling night. On top of that, she tells him a secret—that her eyes can pierce through the darkness and see the light, which, she insists, has never ceased shining upon the land. Now Elran desires nothing more than to obtain the same freedom from the gloom that Ayra claims she has. But as he journeys towards a mystical river, which allegedly offers the freedom he is seeking for, he finds himself confronted by unforeseen terror. Little does he know that a devastating family secret awaits him at the end and that a pursuing band, along with the threat of a fearsome mysterious nature, is out to keep him in darkness at all costs..……….. MORE ABOUT THE BOOK AND ITS AUTHOR AT:


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