Sinister Services (Hell has no fury… Book 1)

| August 10, 2014


Sinister Services (Hell has no fury... Book 1)

Life was finally starting to normalize for Krysta Mallory. Her daughter, Evin, had recently begun her third term at the University in downtown Portland, she’d met an intriguing, if mysterious, new man, and the horrors of her past seemed finally to be that – the past.  After a weekend visit with Evin, Krysta was content; unusually happy even, until a late night call from her daughter interrupted her date with Caden Neely. Only it wasn’t Evin on the other end of the line, and apparently, she was missing.

As Krysta gets deeper into the mystery of her daughter’s disappearance and the reality that her past has come back to haunt her she learns that not only is Caden an outlaw, but may be her only hope. Through his strange assortment of allies in both the underworld and law enforcement, he will help her to uncover her daughter’s kidnapping, and the sinister conspiracy within the social services at the heart of her disappearance.


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