Colors Of Awakening: Into The Mists

| August 11, 2014


Colors Of Awakening: Into The Mists (Sword & Sorcery Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult Coming of Age Book 1)

“Have you ever felt like you knew what was going to happen?”

Have you ever felt like you were seeing something that was not supposed to be there? …Have you ever felt different? Terribly different?”

“My beautiful girls, you are witches.”

In those few words, Kate Collins’ world- along with that of her two best friends- Sophie Lolens and Alexa Peters, collapses.

With their lives on the balance, the girls are transported to a magical world that coexists with our own ”” The Mists. There they learn the truth that was hidden from them all of their lives, and about the destiny that patiently awaited their arrival.

Like a snow ball that begins its roll innocently enough, the girls are rapidly carried from a colorful fairytale into the twisted corridors of a dark story, filled with cobwebs, intrigue, secrets and lies, all converging together under the growing shadow of an awakening war in that magical world.

The snow ball won’t stop until the girls reach the point of no return, where love and family will be on the balance and death on the other hand of the scale.

˃˃˃ A wonderfully thrilling fantasy book

A wonderfully thrilling young adult fantasy book, which will be sure to leave you wanting more. “Colors of Awakening” is freshly fascinating, funny and sincere, and will take you to a new magical world you won’t want to part with.

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