It Began With Burlesque: A Romantic Comedy/Mystery

| August 11, 2014


What’s the best way of making friends when you’re new to an area?

“There’s always zumba,” thinks Carrie. And so she enrols in the village dance class where she meets Odette. But it’s not long before their manic teacher, Zandra Zumba, has them gasping for breath. Fearing imminent collapse the new friends wonder what they could try instead. The answer appears in a poster at the local pub for a new burlesque class. “Release Your Inner Goddess” it announces. Little Hatten has never seen anything so risqué. Carrie can’t wait to try on the nipple tassels but Odette isn’t quite so sure.

But before they have the chance to drape their feather boas round their necks their lives take a seismic turn. Romantic dramas engulf their settled, small town world and set them off on an unexpected chain of events.

Join Carrie and Odette on their journey of love, sequins, men and mystery in this heart-warming tale of friendship, laughter, intrigue and feather boas.


“Such a wonderful change from the run of the mill romance novels. This is very different – humorous, intriguing and entertaining. Introducing burlesque is inspirational (fancy a go myself now) but this is predominantly a story of friendship and of trying to find romance again. Simply Brilliant! Next instalment due out this summer – Yippee!”

“This is a ‘page turner’ full of laughs, witty observations and just enough pathos to keep the balance. Great to relax with on holiday or just after a long day at work.”

“This was such a very good book, it has comedy, mystery, and romance!! It’s a wonderful story about friendship!!! Loved it!!!”

“Light hearted and fun, made me laugh out loud at times. Lots of things a girl can relate to. Can’t wait for the next one.”
(Length 57,000 words)

The book culminates in a cliffhanger. In the sequel,”The Curious Case of the Stolen Stockings”, discover how the friends’ business, love lives and burlesque dancing reach new heights.

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