Nano Contest Update

| September 17, 2007

Hi Everyone my Video iPod Nano contest has barely kicked off and the results have been amazing. I tried to make every thing as simple as possible. But in order for your entry to be valid you must do the following things.

Rule Recap:

  • Create A post on your blog

  • Link to It’s Write Now

  • Link to The Contest Post

  • Leave me a comment on my Contest Post with the URL of your post about my contest

I’ve noticed some entries aren’t linking correctly or giving me the correct URL, so this is just a reminder so everyone has a fair chance. Once again, Thank-You, to all of the participants.

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8 Comments on "Nano Contest Update"

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  1. Jonathan Kok says:

    Hey Emma,

    I linked to you using the anchor text “It’s Write Now” to your homepage and the anchor text “8GB Red Video Ipod Nano contest” for the contest page. Are you okay with that?

  2. Emma says:

    Absolutely Thank you

  3. Jayne says:

    These little nano’s are so adorable, it was easy to get excited about this one!

  4. gLf says:

    Hi Emma, just a suggestion:
    Why don’t you post a little table with all correct entries (like name and post link)- you may use Google docs – , before the end of the contest?
    What do you think?

  5. Emma says:

    Hi glf from Italy. You are entered in the contest. I would of left you a comment on your blog. But you have your comments set up so would be commentators have to register in order to do so. If you’ve read some of my previous contest comments. I usually move on when I encounter one of these.

    You might want to do yourself a favor and make it easier for people to interact with you by changing the settings on your comment.

    The contest doesn’t end until Oct. 31st, so I would be spinning my wheels if I did a daily contest update.

    My contest is real and will be administered as fairly as possible. I’m trying to establish a quality site, and reputation does matter.

    Thanks for the suggestions, you’re in. If you change your comment settings I’ll swing back by your site and confirm. If not, no big deal you’re entry is not any less valid. Thanks for following along. Emma

  6. gLf says:

    I made a mistake…I haven’t noticed it…Thanks for telling me. Now everyone can leave comments.
    All the best!

  7. Beth says:

    Hi! I put a blog on Myspace About your website and I think this is a great Idea to get your website off the ground.


  8. nathaly says:

    hi!!!! i will love to win a ipod nano.I can finally have something thats an electronic, most of my family is rich except myns.It’s really sad my cusins are always rubbing there cool stuff in my face and i have nothing i always get bullied!My point is that i can finally show them that im cool too.So please!! I really want a ipod nano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!