The Fallout From Finding Emily (Kelsey O’Brien Book 1)

| August 12, 2014


The Fallout From Finding Emily (Kelsey O'Brien Book 1)

The moment a teenage boy mistakes her for another girl, Arlene knows. She knows this could be her one and only chance. She knows that finding – and knowing – her kidnapped twin is within the realm of possibility. And that possibility, no matter how much she denies she wants it, is something she can’t pass up.

For over 13 years Arlene Kelsey O’Brien thought she was okay with not knowing her identical twin. After surviving countless false ‘finding Emily’ alarms, she thinks she believes her kidnapped sister is better left unfound. She doesn’t want to know Emily, who ruined her childhood by getting kidnapped, and she doesn’t want to find her either – or so she thinks until she comes face to face with Laura Jacobsen. Shaken and confused, 15 year old Arlene tries to deny the reality before her but finds that she can’t – and when she finally faces the truth, is forced to make an impossible decision. Will finding Emily be worth the possible destruction of her family?

**This novel is approximately 90,000 words and is intended for Young Adults, or the young at heart**

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