The Guardian and the Rogue Shadow

| August 13, 2014


The Guardian and the Rogue Shadow

Greenfield is no longer safe and as Eden’s defences continue to fall, a red cloaked figure begins stalking Daniel Smith like prey.

After Daniel’s first year as the Wizarding Guardian he hoped he had seen the worst, but as his summer holidays drew to a close, and Gilbert asks him to take down a destructive group of wild Imps, Daniel’s secret identity and location is soon revealed.

This is the second book of The Guardian series which follows on where book one – The Guardian and the Dream Crawler – left off. Find out what happened to the main group of Characters that survived the Dream Crawler and also meet some new ones along the way. Retaining the fun, excitement, magic and fast paced action from book one, The Rogue Shadow is the next step along Daniel Smith’s road to becoming the greatest Guardian in history.


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