Reluctant Guardian

| August 13, 2014


Reluctant Guardian

What readers are saying about Reluctant Guardian

~ I was pleasantly surprised to find that the characters captivated me from the start. The story is entertaining and suspenseful. ~

~ Just finished reading this book I enjoyed it very much. I loved the compassion that the author made sure the reader grasped and also the length that when you truly love anyone you will go to. ~

~ I thorougly enjoyed this book. It’s premise is fresh and well thought out. The characters are likeable and believable. ~

She’s lost almost everyone and everything she cared about…

After a heartbreaking tragedy leaves Devon O’Leary and her brother alone in the world, news of an unexpected inheritance offers hope for a new beginning. But when they arrive in Charleston, those hopes are immediately dashed. A vengeful grandfather set the stage so that no matter which course they choose, they are destined to lose everything.To make matters worse, the neighbor who stands to gain it all is given guardianship over them. Devon’s brother is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep their home, and she vows to do everything in her power to help him…but will it be enough?

The one thing he’s ever wanted is finally within his reach…

Though Tristan Montgomery despised Lucas O’Leary for years, he always coveted the land adjoining his. Now, if he can bring himself to agree to the terms of his enemy’s will, in two years time it will be his. But in order to gain the prize, he must to agree to take responsibility for the grandchildren he’s prepared to hate on sight. To his dismay though, he realizes that he actually likes them – which is a complication he hadn’t planned on. While the thought of throwing them out of their home fills him with guilt, he has no intention of giving up on his dream.


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