Identity in Christ: Making it Real

| August 13, 2014


Identity in Christ: Making it Real

You can Place God’s View of You–Inside You.

Knowing who we are in Christ and internalizing this new identity can be transformational—from insignificance to realizing you’re amazing, from feeling discarded to knowing you’re loved, from self-doubt to believing in yourself (through Christ).

There are many good books that explain the biblical basis for your identity in Christ. And frankly, there is no point in repeating what they have already done—and done well. But one area in which these books come up short is on explaining how you can instill this new identity in you. This to-the-point material fills the void and tells you how.

Child of God, are you tired of being encumbered with self-doubt and false shame? It should not be that way. Turn around your self image, and see yourself as God sees you—with this concise Kindle book, Identity in Christ: Making it Real. This book gives you the answers, strategies, and methods to make your identity in Christ a reality.

It’s an extraordinary gift to no longer look at yourself harshly. It’s a wonderful gift to be free from the world’s perception of you. It’s a remarkable gift to be able to hush all the lies. God wants to give you this gift—every good and perfect gift comes from above.

Receive his gift! God wants you to feel good about yourself!


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