Playing Laura (Kelsey O’Brien Book 2)

| August 15, 2014


Playing Laura (Kelsey O'Brien Book 2)

Nothing is going the way she planned. Laura has been on her best behavior for weeks – she hasn’t fought back when bullied, she hasn’t stepped on anyone to get ahead, and she definitely hasn’t picked any fights with Arlene. But now she’s had enough. Arlene still won’t acknowledge that Laura deserves to know how or what Arlene knows about Laura’s true identity, and Laura is tired of waiting. It’s time to fight back, to regain her reputation and figure out who she is and what Arlene knows. And if that means that she breaks a few – or all – of her family rules, well, so be it. Regaining her popularity and knowing who she really is will be worth the fallout that will come from that – won’t it?

Playing Laura is book # 2 in the Kelsey O’Brien series and is a YA novel of approximatley 135,000 words.


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