Fallen Hero

| August 16, 2014


Fallen Hero

Chris Squires is searching for answers. Was there a conspiracy involving his father and George Patton?
Is Jimmy Lucas the father he never knew?
Was Jimmy Lucas a murderer?
Did he kill General George Patton, one of the greatest Generals of the twentieth century?
Did he kill an orphaned German boy at the end of World War Two?
If the answer to any or all of these questions is Yes! how will Chris cope with the rest of his life?

Fallen Hero is about a man who is trying to reconcile the realities of war, and life, with his disappointment over his lost inner hopes for the dad he needed to find.

Although appearing to lead a mundane and respectable life, for years he is later tormented by guilt over the tragedy he caused after meeting Jimmy Lucas. He still hopes to find his hero, a guide to some kind of inner peace. And then Walt re-enters his life!

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