Haunted Estill County (Haunted Kentucky Book 1)

| August 18, 2014


Haunted Estill County (Haunted Kentucky Book 1)

A baby cries in a dark cave on one of the county’s tallest mountains, UFOs hover in the sky, thundering hoof beats surround visitors outside of an old farm house, Native Americans chant into the night, dark shadow people loom around store corners, and Civil War soldiers fight a battle that continues to this day. As arguably one of the most haunted counties in Kentucky, Estill County is home to a range of ghosts, spirits, angels, and demons that haunt and terrorize locals and visitors alike. Haunted Estill County investigates the stories and histories of some of the county’s most terrifying locations. Local legends, murder mysteries, and tales of the paranormal are all explored in this spellbinding collection which is sure to keep you up at night. Truth really can be stranger than fiction.


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