Tim on Broadway: Season One (Episode 1)

| August 18, 2014


Tim on Broadway: Season One (Episode 1)

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>>>>“You don’t have to be a Broadway fan (or gay) to appreciate this work…”

Carolyn Sohier, the Greta Garbo of divas, is giving a once in a lifetime concert that Tim can’t afford to attend. Tim—an overweight, twenty-something virgin—regrets lending the hunky bag boy at the grocery store money that could have bought him a ticket. Tim needs to call in his debts, but money isn’t the only thing holding him back.

>>>> Here’s what readers are saying about Tim on Broadway…


  • “You should read Tim On Broadway, Season One, Episode One. It will hook you in, and then you too will be tapping your toes.”
  • “It’s one of the best novels I’ve read in a very long time.”
  • “[It’s] a romantic tale of someone’s self-discovery.”
  • “It’s among the best that I’ve read in a while, and what a nice reward for those of us who spend a lot of time searching for something worthwhile.”


The first time Tim met Javier, he was blown away by the attention. As an overweight, twenty-something virgin, he didn’t often—actually ever—get a guy, let alone a hot one, pay attention to him. The problem, Javier is straight; yet he gives Tim mixed messages. Tim can’t get Javier off his mind, unless he is pursuing his love for theater—or talking with his best friend, Julia, about the “unattainable” crushes they share on some of the guys back home in Salem, Massachusetts.

With the Carolyn Sohier concert fasting approaching, Tim struggles to get tickets. If he hadn’t lent Javier the money to, well, have his way with him in the beer cooler at the store they worked at together, maybe Tim wouldn’t have lost his job, and would be able to see Carolyn perform. But Tim’s learned his lesson from all this…or so he thinks.

>>>> You’ll love this book because…


  • You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll want to manscape too. (Don’t know what manscaping is? Just think razor…private parts. Oh, we can’t give the theatrics away!)
  • Tim’s quirky ways are adorable, loving and funny as hell.
  • Sitting down on an automatic-flushing toilet will never be the same again for you.
  • At first, you might think Javier’s a jerk but then… (OK, we can’t ruin it!)
  • The theatrical moments will floor you.
  • There’s even a touch of the paranormal in Tim’s journey of personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Like Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand or Bette Midler? What about Betty Buckley and other Broadway actresses? Carolyn Sohier can sing circles around them.
  • You will sniffle with the tissue box beside you, cheer at the ending and long for the next season.


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