The Heath Witch – historical lovestory: forbidden passion

| August 19, 2014


The Heath Witch - historical lovestory: forbidden passion

Gloomy secrets

Who is lurking on silent soles around the heathland and murders one killer after the other of Isabella’s mother, the midwife Rubina? No one dares the other, because everybody can be the assassine. And the daughter of the macabre mangled corpse falls, when seeing the beauty Victor at the first time, in undying love for that nice son of the Count of Grimmshagen, who gave the order to blow out the light of Rubina’s life and also is her enemy forever. Heaven, help! What a strange kind of suspense … This novel will make you a flash crawl – nevertheless, be sure that nothing is just so like it shines.

Dark times, opaque secrets, flaming passion, dissolute sex, excessive orgies, magic forces, supernatural occurrences, bitter distress, a bloody war, robbery and multiple murder are the ingredients of the thrilling, historic love story, which Gloria Frost wrote in a wonderful writing style, fitted to the mode of speaking in the 17. century.

Happening right in front of his eyes the reader witnesses the confusions without any shore, feels himself put into the many twists and turus of the novel, which is holding undreamt-of surprises, page by page – because nothing is so, how it seems to be in this sublime tradition – tableau of that far a field gloomy era.

In the middle of the chaos of the Thirty Year’s War that has engulfed all of central Europe, the young gipsy Isabella grows up into a beautiful woman. Branded a “Heath Witch” by her persecutors, she fears neither death nor the devil when fighting for her family and her religious belief. As a herbal healer she fights at the front line alongside the Count of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, commonly known as the „Mad Christian“. She passionately defends Protestantism and her faith in the old Germanic gods.

She gives herself just as passionately to her love for the count’s son, Victor von Grimmshagen, as she ignores all taboos and disobeys the church’s ban on bigotry, as do the other protagonists of the novel, who only live for the present. After all, no one really knows if they will live to see another day …


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