Five Nights in Vegas

| August 21, 2014


Five Nights in Vegas

It’s about meeting, getting married, and falling in love… in that order.

Lexie Frost is a young cocktail waitress working in a Las Vegas casino. Nate Zimmerman is a marketing executive from back east. When Nate flies to Vegas for a business trip ahead of his team, he literally runs into Lexie, who spills a tray of drinks on him. Later, after a friendly game of quarters gets out of hand, they wake up the next morning to discover they got married at an all-night wedding chapel. During their whirlwind attempt to undo their mistake, Lexie and Nate discover that they might be made for each other after all.

In the tradition of the cinematic romantic comedy, Five Nights in Vegas is a fast-paced and humorous contemporary romance of two people finding each other under extraordinary circumstances.


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