Sailing on Neptune (Lovers on Board Series Book 1)

| August 21, 2014


Sailing on Neptune (Lovers on Board Series Book 1)

When Emily finished with her ex-boyfriend, she needed a holiday. With her best friend Cally, they board the exquisite cruise liner, The Pearl of Neptune, with plans to spend two weeks sunbathing, sipping sangrias and forgetting about life.

But what she didn’t plan on was falling in love with Tom, the hunky gym instructor. Or that from the very first moment she sets her eyes on him, her life would change…forever. Venturing on the beautiful Caribbean seas and surrounded by luxury, they remain unaware of the dangers lurking around them.

Yet as they sail into perilous waters and the vengeance of Tom’s chequered family history catches up with him, can they rewrite the past to spend their future together?


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