Hungover & Handcuffed (Mina Davis)

| August 22, 2014


Hungover & Handcuffed (Mina Davis)

“Better than James Patterson or Janet Evanovich.” -Official Zeitgeeks stance,

Mina Davis, sarcastic private eye, hits the streets of Seattle and faces off against the worst the city has to offer. Whether she’s fighting off a hangover while chained up in a serial killer’s basement or trying to stall a world famous assassin by pretending to be his chauffeur, Mina faces life- and death, if it comes to it- with sass, snark, and spite. Every bit as tough as Sam Spade, as sharp as Phillip Marlowe, and as fearless as Mike Hammer, Mina has come to kick ass and drink whiskey, and she already drank the whiskey.

This book, Mina’s first appearance, includes three short stories, in which she squares off against a mass murderer, stalls an assassin, and reconnects with an old friend who’s certain he’s about to be murdered, respectively.

WARNING: The first story, “Hungover & Handcuffed” is very violent. It’s also the shortest of the three stories, and squeamish readers can skip ahead to the second story, “Matamoros” without fear of missing too much.


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