BOGOF the Supermarket Cat

| August 22, 2014


BOGOF the Supermarket Cat

Book #1 in the “BOGOF the Supermarket Cat” series. Taking a nap on a car roof is not a new experience for Tiddles, but this time it leads to him becoming BOGOF the Supermarket cat. After a hair-raising ride on the roof of a car Tiddles finds himself in a Supermarket car-park. Deciding to explore he meets a shop worker called Fred, and then finds his way into the Supermarket. Tiddles is discovered by Mr Brown the Supermarket manager and Fred. They are surprised that he managed to get into the shop and because he seems so clever they find him some work to do, and name him BOGOF.

Disaster strikes later in the day, the car BOGOF came on has disappeared! How will he get back home? Will he carry on working at the Supermarket? And who knows what exciting adventures are just around the corner for BOGOF the Supermarket Cat!

Visit BOGOF’s web site at for FREE Wallpaper/Background, and find out about BOGOF’s next exciting adventure.


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