2076: A Revolutionary Tale: All Systems Have Failed

| August 22, 2014


2076: A Revolutionary Tale: All Systems Have Failed

All systems have failed. The seas have risen, the skies have darkened and the American Midwest has become a desert. A handful of corporations own and operate the country and food is used as a means of oppression. The year is 2074. America is now a third-world nation and China, with its prosperous and burgeoning middle class, is the leader of the Free World.

Against this backdrop, a devastating raid by the wealthy ruling class on a stronghold of rebels fighting against the system inadvertently unites two enemies in a forbidden love that threatens to tear their worlds apart. Carlin Pheney, a decorated military pilot and member of the upper class, is captured by Aelena Hall, a veteran leader of the food wars. Together, they become fugitives on the run from a military industrial complex headed by Carlin’s father. Aided by strangers and betrayed by friends, they are swept up in an unstoppable global catastrophe.

When Aelena is captured and thrown into the Federal Torture Chamber on Guantanamo Island, Carlin devises a desperate plan for her impossible escape from the water-bound prison. Mystery and suspense pursue the two lovers across the oceans and around the world to a wild and newborn land. Here, if they hope to survive, they must face a terrible battle to colonize a new America and give birth to a nation.

In the tradition of literature with science fiction and political overtones that includes Nineteen Eighty-Four, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451 comes one of the best new books of the year, the dystopian thriller 2076: A Revolutionary Tale—a book about a tomorrow ruled by the plutocrats of today.


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