Vultures in the Wind

| August 23, 2014


In a peaceful African coastal village, two boys are born on the same day. Their idyllic, brief childhood together is short lived ending in hardship and heartbreak.

Finding themselves alone in the world, both boys struggle to self-educate. Against the odds, Matthew Gray builds a global business empire and Luke Mbeki travels to England, in self-imposed exile, entangling himself in the anti-apartheid movement.

With their paths crossing intermittently, it is only when Nelson Mandela is released from prison that Luke returns home continuing his fight for freedom alongside his comrades. Matt’s all-consuming business life continues but betrayal strikes. Leaving everything behind, he escapes to another world – an artist colony.

This incredibly powerful and moving story tells how each man struggles to survive in a country deep in the throes of violent change, with friendship and families being torn apart. Matt and Luke’s friendship is unimaginably tested so how does it survive in such terrifying and perilous times?

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