The Impossible Lover (The GrailChase Chronicles Book 1)

| August 25, 2014


The Impossible Lover (The GrailChase Chronicles Book 1)

When an Victorian Imperialist tool, Lt. Colonel Christopher Jordan Haldane, goes to Italy to negotiate a shady mining deal, he finds himself inadvertently drawn into a turf war between the scions of the Illuminati and the Grail Guardians over an ancient castle guarding forbidden secrets and technology. Can Haldane solve the riddle of Villa D’Amici and his own strange paranormal experiences without losing his mind or the woman he loves?

A sexy, existential romp through archetypes, conspiracy theories and alternate realities.

“The DaVinci Code meets Steampunk, with Dune flavor crystals”

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The Impossible Lover is Book I of the GrailChase Chronicles, the mind-boggling series of subjective reality and strange technology. Written by Dara Fogel, philosopher and best-selling author of Before the Chase: A Short Anthology, the GrailChase Chronicles challenges traditional beliefs and definitions of reality.

“Next time you’re ready to nestle into your reading chair and have a good time, this book should be your choice. This book has the Illuminati and the Holy Grail, mystical mysteries and historical figures, two lovers on the run and the fate of all of Europe at stake. If you enjoy the sort of historical revisionism found in The Da Vinci Code, I don’t see how you could not love this. Tons of fun!” – William Bernhardt, NY Times Bestselling Author of the Ben Kinkaid Series


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