LET’S FALL IN LOVE: Paris and Dubrovnik

| August 29, 2014


LET'S FALL IN LOVE: Paris and Dubrovnik

Falling in love is wonderful! When it happens in a famous or unique city, it is doubly so. The two stories in this book tell of unexpected romance in Paris and Dubrovnik, Croatia. Both stories include U.S. travelers who arrive in Europe on routine flights. Soon, and unexpectedly, they find themselves plunged into fresh emotional encounters.

In FLIGHT TO DUBROVNIK, Dave Michaels is supposed to be in Dubrovnik for five days on work related business. After briefly seeing part of the Old City, he awakens in a hospital emergency room with a broken leg. Following his startling introduction to Croatia, he is in for a passionate rollercoaster ride of surprise. Dave, and the nurse he meets, discover new romantic facets within themselves and explore emerging love.

In MY TALE OF TWO CITIES, a French girl on holiday from college must return home from London the day after she arrives. That afternoon, her traveling companion makes a new acquaintance. He’s a young American just starting his own vacation in Europe. When he meets the girl his own age from Paris, who had reluctantly stayed behind in London when her friend departed, their lives become irresistibly intertwined.

You may never visit these places. However, once you read what happens to the unsuspecting strangers in these romantic and heart-warming tales, you will remember them always.


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