Love Psalms A Christian Love Story

| August 30, 2014


Love Psalms A Christian Love Story

One of the next best Christian Love Stories out right now, “Love Psalms” will leave you feeling Inspired and knowing that all things work for your good in this life. This Christian Romance Novel is based on a true story of love lost, but then love found once again. With trials, tears, and triumph all rolled into one book and using the Chapters from the book of Psalms, This Christian Love Inspired story will be sure to show everybody that love does conquer all.

The main Character in this book, Adrian, has found love, true love, only for it to be ripped away from him in one of the cruelest ways. Turning back to old habits, he finds himself in a world of hurt not knowing where to turn when love walks in and changes, and challenges his perspective on everything he’d ever thought. Be encouraged as you read along as Adrian tells us what happened and how things changed when Love found him, again.


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