Run With Me

| August 31, 2014


Run With Me

After witnessing her boss shooting a man dead, Kitty Munroe has no choice but to go on the run. The man she works for, Michael Carmine, isn’t the sort of person to leave a witness to his crime, and Kitty knows that not even the police will be able to protect her.

Colt Tanner lives in the shadows, tracking and tracing targets and delivering them to the client. When Michael Carmine hires him to track a young woman, Colt doesn’t ask questions. Still haunted by the deaths of his wife and young daughter several years ago, he spends his life seeking revenge on the man responsible, working through the criminal underworld in a bid to hunt down the truth.

When Colt begins tracking Kitty, it grows clear that he’s not the only one after her. Soon a series of events is set into motion that will lead both Colt and Kitty to work together against a common enemy. Can they both settle the demons of their past and finally look to the future?

Run With Me is a standalone novel told from the point of view of both Kitty and Colt, and contains swearing and violence.

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