Raw Emotions

| September 1, 2014


Raw Emotions

Trudy Wander awakens on Sunday morning and goes for a run only to discover it’s Monday morning instead. Somehow, she’s lost a day and her “vibe”, her gift of sight, hasn’t given her a clue of what’s happened.

When her lecherous boss upbraids her for being late—her vibe kicks in and she quits her job. Although she’s broke, unemployed and doesn’t know how she’s going to pay her bills, she’s happier than she’s been in a long time. Her vibe leads her to HAVE A LITTLE FAITH–a blog written by a handsome Nova Scotia farmer, Rick Martin.

Rick’s had a harrowing accident and started blogging about his life-altering experience, hoping to help anyone else who needs the faith to carry on. Little does he know that when he responds to Trudy’s comments, his battered soul will find the balm for his own wounded body and heart.

When they finally meet, it’s as if they’ve known each other forever, sharing an intimacy and passion they’ve never known before. But their road to happiness turns into a twisted path filled with life…and they may not survive to have their happy ever after.

RAW EMOTIONS is the breathless love story of two wounded souls destined to find each other and a love that transcends space and time.

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