Bird of Chaos: Book One of the Harpy’s Curse

| September 3, 2014


Bird of Chaos: Book One of the Harpy's Curse

“The tension is this story is really extraordinary. Very thought-provoking and intense. It’s really fabulous work.” Kate O’Donell.

The final Tempest rides on the power of a storm. It blasts the cold of winter and burns like the summer sun. It spares no one.

Verne Golding the Third is heir to the Tibutan throne and destined to stop the Tempest. But Tibuta is fractured by civil war and Verne’s family is divided by ambition and cruelty—and she, unlike them, is ungifted. Her allies urge her to take power to unify the nation and protect it against evil, but only a Talent can rule Tibuta. Verne must overcome her impediment and find a way to rise above prejudice and her own self-doubt to take on the challenge.

The only thing standing in her way is her mother.


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