Corporate America’s Dirty Little Secret: A Modern Day Tale of Arsenic Poisoning

| September 6, 2014


Corporate America's Dirty Little Secret: A Modern Day Tale of Arsenic Poisoning & the Cover-Up That Ensued (Dirty Little Secret Series Book 1)

Jack Robertson felt like death. He wanted to kill himself. Lying spread-eagled on the cold, hard floor was his only relief from the unrelenting pain. As a 22-year-old man, he should have been at the peak of good health, however something wasn’t right. Based on a true story, the events outlined in the book really happened to a family living in the Ohio Tri-State area. After getting sick from a workplace accident with a toxic water-cleaning machine, the family suspects that Jack’s illness has something to do with his position as a welder. Determined to find some answers and a cure, Jack’s mother, Jess begins a 4-year journey to figure out what is making her son so sick. Ever since Jack cleaned the machine responsible for clearing arsenic out of water, he had been getting sicker & sicker. Frustrated because no doctor would examine his symptoms as a whole or diagnose heavy metals, the family decided to do their own research for possible cures. Jack’s first symptoms began as a strange rash and flu like symptoms. He was soon throwing up blood and having severe diarrhea. He was constantly dizzy & lightheaded. His skin would tingle and his penis became red and discolored. The pain felt like knives ripping through him. He drank gallons of water to try & flush out his system, yet it hurt & stung every time he tried to urinate. He looked like death. He felt worse. Although he was on the road to recovery, he still had days when he felt like giving up. During this private hell, the pain never ceased. One thing that never stopped was the spastic bladder. Jack had severe testicular pain & his joints would lock in place. Every day was a fight for survival. Jack’s life had been stolen from him by heavy metal toxicity (HMT). He could no longer work, sleep or dream about a future without pain. Everywhere he went for help no one understood. He was told he was merely depressed and anxious; he was given drugs & sent home. All the while these drugs were killing the little bit of healthy liver he had left. He stopped going to pill pushing doctors. He had drawers & drawers of pain pills & medications. They didn’t work. He didn’t take them. This is his story. As Jack got sicker & sicker, no one could figure out what was causing his pain. Jack had recently done some research on the health dangers of welding rods and he begins to suspect that his former company Aalco Industries is responsible for the tragic event. Jack & his mother Jess find themselves going from doctor to doctor trying to find a cure with the doctors telling them her son was crazy & making it all up. Jack is accused of being a steroid abuser & an alcoholic & drug addict. His mother was accused of exhibiting drug-seeking behavior. Jack is then diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, a death sentence for men. With the help of some caring therapist’s he finally starts feeling better & rebuilding his pelvic floor. From the diagnosis of Avascular Necrosis to four grueling invasive hip surgeries in less than a year’s time; he then discovers he is dying from arsenic poisoning. Sad news once again – there was nothing that could be done. Jess soon suspects a government cover up that is in place as she begins to get hangs ups on her phone. With the help of a caring chiropractor, Jack finally discovers a supplement & treatment regimen that is working – he is bound & determined to share his story & prove that Aalco Industries was slowly killing people with their blatant disregard for safety. With the discovery of the holistic cure they finally feel as if they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but before she & Jack can take the next step, a doctor disappears into the night. Afraid for their lives they must decide if they should keep their story “quiet” & live happily ever after, or expose the dirty little secret & save millions more lives. Join Jess & Jack in this once in a lifetime journey – based on a true story – a story that demands to be told.


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