Fatal Flowers: The Serial Killer Chronicles Book 1

| September 6, 2014


Fatal Flowers: The Serial Killer Chronicles Book 1

A serial killer thriller in the best traditions of mystery, crime, and suspense novels. Crime writer Ann Rule wrote, “Fatal Flowers will make The Silence of the Lambs seem almost tame.” Originally published by The Berkley Publishing Group, this is a special Kindle edition.

Thomas Brunson followed Ellie Hartley from the . . . he held her captive on a thousand mile journey, showed her his “lovlies,” and then he set her free.

Ellie Hartley knew she was lucky to be alive. She alone witnessed a killer’s private world of madness and murder. She alone escaped a fate too terrible to imagine . . . but why?

Why would he let her tell the police every horrible thing she saw? Why would he taunt her, torment her, then let her go? Because he’s not finished with her yet. Or her baby daughter. He’s sending her flowers to prove it.

Patrick Meredith is assigned to track Brunson, and is led on a high-stakes chase from Arizona to the Oregon coast, trying to stay alive and keep Ellie and her daughter from harm.

A shattering novel of psychological suspense.


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