The North Wing

| September 7, 2014


The North Wing

Dreary, desolate, shrouded. And most unnerving of all, forbidden. Such was the bizarre circumstance surrounding the north wing of Rochester Manor, as Abigail was about to discover.

Late in the summer of 1887, shortly after her 19th birthday, Abigail Parker’s life took an unforeseen turn. Although she wasn’t looking for love, it found her in the form of a handsome, wealthy stranger who swept her off her feet, and soon she would embark upon a journey filled with the promise of bliss. Exciting though it was, it was also daunting for her to enter into a lifestyle she was ill-equipped to handle. While this fact was evident, no one could have prepared her for the true challenge she was to face, and the staggering secret waiting to be unearthed in “The North Wing”.


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