The Arkansas River (Rivers West Book 1)

| September 7, 2014


The Arkansas River (Rivers West Book 1)

Rivers West

Over one million books were sold in paperback!

Rivers West is one of the most exciting frontier series of our time… tales of mountain men and intrepid women, pioneer families and Native American warriors. Here is the story of North America in all its awesome splendor.

The Arkansas River

Eastward, as far as the eye could see, stretched the Great Plains. Westward rose the Rockies, snow-capped shadows against the sky. In the middle flowed a mighty river—silent, glistening, and turbulent—the bloodline of a wide and wild land. Three hard, tough men staked their claims on its potent shores; Jake Stonecipher, pioneer merchant, seeking his fortune—yet finding a war. Will Burke, a mountain man as savage as the wilderness itself. And Francisco Serrano, determined to carve a fertile ranch out of the stubborn soil. Three men blazing trails, forging a future… building lives as bold—and treacherous—as the Arkansas River.


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