Massage Therapy: The Ultimate Guide on Different Types of Massage Techniques

| September 8, 2014


Massage Therapy: The Ultimate Guide on Different Types of Massage Techniques for Pain Relief (Health and Wellness Guides Book 2)

Learn about Massage Therapy and different Massage Therapy Techniques Today!

Discover the benefits of massage and learn which technique will work the best for you!

If you haven’t already experienced the benefits of massage, or even if you have and just want to know about other kinds, this is the guide for you! Contained within this book is information on some of the most popular massage therapy techniques in use today. As someone who has been utilizing massage therapy for almost 10 years to manage pain and stiffness, I thought that a guide explaining some of the most common massage therapy techniques out there today might be useful for some people. Massage therapy has greatly improved my quality of life, and I hope it does the same for you!.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • History of Massage
  • 11 Different Types of Massage
  • Location of Different Trigger Points in Your Body
  • Types of Oils Used in Aromatherapy
  • How Stones Are Used in Hot Stone Therapy
  • History of Shiatsu
  • Precautions to Take for Each Type of Massage Technique
  • Much, much more!

Want to Know More about This Amazing Guide?

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