GetawayX: Create Wealth and Income with Vacation Real Estate

| September 9, 2014


GetawayX: Create Wealth and Income with Vacation Real Estate

Learn how to make money in real estate without all of the hassles of traditional real estate investing!

Throughout this book, the authors encourage the reader to utilize the book’s free website as the book and the website were designed to compliment each other. The technology and online tools that provides are needed to effectively implement this real estate investment strategy.

With over 80 years of combined experience, the authors explain step-by-step how to completely implement this simple money-making method.

    • Have you always wanted to invest in real estate, but have heard the horror stories that go with it? This way is different.


  • Concerned about the time and the stress dealing with tenants? This way makes it actually fun to own an investment property!



  • Worried about chasing tenants around for monthly rent? Don’t worry, you won’t have to with this method.


We also provide you with a free website – – with tools and resources that answer all your questions about making money with vacation real estate.

A great read for both the novice and experienced real estate investor!


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