A Dream Fufilled – Settlers of South Park – Book 1

| September 10, 2014


A Dream Fufilled - Settlers of South Park - Book 1

Life on the eastern Kansas plains in the 1850’s was tenuous at best. Add to that, marauding bands of thieving Comanches, and a fella would start having notions of moving his clan the heck out of there.

With the biggest part of his cattle having been taken by the thieving redskins, Jacob Clarkson and his family load as much of of their household belongings as they can into a couple of prairie schooners and set out on a journey in hopes of relocating the once prosperous cattle ranching endeavor to the high mountain grasslands of present day Colorado.

The journey proves to be fraught with dangers, some of them of the harsh weather and high water variety, while others turn out to be of the manmade variety.

The journey becomes even more difficult after the rescue of a young lady who had been taken captive by a trio of banditos. Their intent had been to trade her to the Utes, who freely roam the South Park Basin, but first they have to get her back.

Through all of this, the Lord remains in charge and adds to the mixture, a helping of tender romance and true love between Becky and one of Jacob and Emily’s twin sons, Seth.

Not to be outdone by his brother, Sam manages a romance of his own after a mixup in homestead filings plays a major part in bringing him and Liz together.

While all this is going on, their families remain steadfast in their struggle to gain a toehold in the savage land that is the previously unsettled grasslands of the South Park Basin.


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