Different?…You Have Always Been Different: A personal healing journey

| September 10, 2014


Different?...You Have Always Been Different: A personal healing journey, sprinkled with stardust, serendipity and a handful of life changing miracles.

When Isabella had her first attack of Multiple Sclerosis in 1964 at the age of fourteen, little did she know that becoming very ill would lead her on an extraordinary journey into wellness. From being helped by Doris Stokes in 1988 to Isabella helping Kylie Minogue in 1991.

A Healer’s Tale is set between 1964 and 1992, telling the remarkable tale of triumph over an illness that the medical profession has no cure for, but Isabella found her own cure with the help of a very special lady. By facing and releasing many long buried hurts and fears that had haunted her for years, she was able to move her life forward and rebalance herself. It is a roller-coaster ride of emotions, taking you on a journey through thirty years of her life, told as if you were walking each step beside her. She guides you through each of the lessons that she had to learn to become healed, allowing her to become the respected healer she is today. With great ease, she also weaves into her tale some very special ‘out of this world’ journeys she has taken, ‘spirit’ encounters and ‘miracles’ that she been ‘instrumental’ in enabling.

Isabella would tell you she is just a healer, but her friends and patients will tell you she is so much more than that. She is clairaudient, a psychic medium and a modern day mystic and has been since childhood. Having seen and experienced things in her life that most people could only dream of, she explains her ‘knowing’ of things not of this world and how this helps those around her.

From being a small child God has walked along beside her and talked to her, trying to keep her safe but, of course, she didn’t always listen.


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