| September 10, 2014



Trent, Trace, Gage and Van, four friends since high-school when they played basketball together on the school team are successful in their chosen fields. Now in their early thirties, none of them have married and it isn’t a priority with any of them, in fact, they each have a number of women they can call on if the occasion arises.

Trent Evans, a chiropractor, meets Skylar Pierce, the new bank manager in town, as a patient in need of his skills. Her harsh vocal fear of chiropractors, tests his patience to the limit, although he shows no signs of it in front of her as she denigrates his profession.

Trace Smith, a contractor with a sterling reputation, interviews Charlie (short for Charlene) Glassman, a master carpenter, to replace the man who’s retiring. Her degree in Psychology with no further education has her working in social services for low pay. She has the credentials necessary to do the carpentry job. As a single mother of a ten year old son he decides to give her a much-needed break at a better paying job.

Gage Mann, the only son of a wealthy family, with his successful fleet rental business, meets Piper Heathrow from Chicago. He’s demanding, domineering and has no intention of bowing to the haughty wealthy young woman who he calls an insufferable bitch to her face.

Van Phillips, a pharmacist, who owns a compound pharmacy and a few satellite stores, meets Amy Van Allen in his store and she’s so confusing with her ramblings, he dismisses her as a scatterbrain. When he learns she has a master’s degree in nursing, he reevaluates his first impression.

Are these the women who will turn the bachelors into contented family men with children? Or will they opt to remain single and enjoy their absolute freedom unencumbered?


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