| September 11, 2014



A serial killer thriller which will appeal to fans of Val McDermid, Mark Billingham, and James Patterson.

When mutilated corpses are discovered in one of Cardiff’s most exclusive suburbs it falls to Detective Inspector Jemima Huxley to find the killer before they have a chance to kill again.

On a personal level the case could not have come at a worse time as Huxley’s world is falling apart, and she is at an all-time low, self-harming just to feel in control of things. In this, the biggest case of her career, she struggles to focus on the facts and keep her emotions in check. Exhausted, disillusioned and at odds with some of her team, she begins to question her own judgement, as she comes to believe the victims have been selected to implicate an innocent person.

The investigation leads Huxley to uncover shocking secrets, so well hidden within middle-class suburbia that even those closest to the truth are unaware of the full extent of the deception or the danger they are in.

When Huxley finally realises who is responsible for the deaths it becomes a race against time to save the next victim.

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