Sentinel Resurrection (Book One): An Occult Thriller and Spy Conspiracy

| September 12, 2014


Sentinel Resurrection (Book One): An Occult Thriller and Spy Conspiracy from the Congo to Patagonia (The Sentinel Files 1)

Adventure Thriller Bestseller!

When a renegade arms dealer salvages Hitler’s secrets from a sunken U-boat off the coast of Patagonia, he resurrects a terrorist weapon of the Third Reich. Only one man can save humanity from this rebirth of Nazi science. But an international conspiracy may cost him his life– and the lives of everyone he loves–before he has the chance.

Papa Cadwalader, the last member of the Sentinel spy ring, leads his makeshift family of five amazing fighters against Nazi technology, mercenary soldiers and a supernatural creature from the book of Genesis. From the hidden depths of the Drake Passage to the volcanoes of the Congo, from the lost mines of Poland to the forests of the Andes, Papa’s family races to destroy Hitler’s weapon before it’s too late.

Fans of Stephen King, Brad Thor and James Rollins will enjoy this novel.

Praise for Sentinel Resurrection (Book One)

“Fast-paced, a great combination of history, intrigue, and other-worldliness… a good job of developing all the different characters and interweaving the subplots.” — Heidi M. Thomas, award-winning author of the “Dreams” trilogy.

“Supernatural creatures, conspiracy, Nazis, spies! This book has it all!” — Mitchell Wells,

“Thrilling action and adventure! Fans of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child will be pleased.” — Tiff Patrice, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine

“FIVE STARS!” — Numerous Amazon reviews.

Chapter 1
Little Klaus sobbed as he lay inside the missile tube, the sea inches above his head. Even when he opened and closed his eyes, the darkness around him never changed. He stopped blinking. As he rolled from his back to his side, a nursery rhyme of his grandmother’s came to him, and he sang it, “Bumpety bump, rider, if he falls, then he cries out, should he fall into the pond, no one will find him.”

He slid his fingertips along the steel walls of his cage. Water dripped down his palm, continued past his wrist and dampened the arm of his wool underwear. He jerked his fingertips back and whimpered at the thought of the Southern Ocean pouring into the submarine. But after licking the moisture from his hand, he tasted no salt. His compartment was sound, just slick with “condensation”–a new word Father had taught him. To warm his fingers, Klaus tucked his fists under his armpits.

Footsteps echoed beneath his feet. After several clicks, the missile tube door opened. A flashlight beam danced inside the two-meter-long prison.

Klaus stammered between chattering teeth. “F…f…father?”

“Yes, Klaus.”

“Please don’t leave again.”

“I’m sorry.” Father reached into the tube and patted his foot. “The crew may have grown suspicious to see a child walking the corridors with a Pirelli dry suit on. Better you hide here, and I bring it to you. Come out.” Already dressed in his own diving suit, Father knelt at the open door.

Klaus inched down the cylinder, which was tilted at a slight downward angle in line with the sub. As he exited the tube, Father’s hands supported him. When Klaus stood on the deck, he swayed and fell against Father’s shoulder. After Klaus caught his balance, Father helped him slink into a pair of rubber trousers and a vest.

The vest and trousers overlapped at Klaus’s tummy. At the overlap, Father inserted a water-proof envelope beneath the rubber.

Father tapped the envelope. “Wonderweapon.”

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Contents Ch. 1: U-boat, Ch. 2: Patagonia, Ch. 3: International Conspiracy, Ch. 4: Congo, Ch. 5: Telepath, Ch: 6 Family Fight, Ch: 7 Spy Conspiracy, Ch: 8 Nazi Science, Ch: 9 Nazi spy, Ch: 10 Old Flame, Ch: 11 Secrets and Lies, Ch: 12 Séance, Ch: 13: Hitler’s Secret, Ch: 14: Kidnapping and Abduction, Ch 15: Axis, 16: Monster Hunter, Ch: 17 Human Sacrifice, Ch: 18: Search for the Missing, Ch: 19 Vision Quest, Ch: 20 Lost Killer, Ch: 21 Biblical Archaeology, 22: Amazonian, Ch: 23 Dead. Book Two Excerpt: A WW2 Adventure and Nazi Thriller in the 21st Century


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