Jade Moon (Celestial War Book 1)

| September 13, 2014


Jade Moon (Celestial War Book 1)

A hidden war, a fierce girl, a terrible secret…

When Harper Dae was six, her mom dragged her away from their comfortable American suburb to the remote jungles of Belize. Now sixteen, her mom has dragged her back. Thrown into the wilds of American high school, Harper has no idea who to turn to when she hears a girl’s voice crying for help from the shadowy corners of the school library. Or when she stumbles on blood soaked tools in the janitor’s shed.

Unsure who to trust, Harper befriends Rafael, a suicidal bad boy with something to hide. Together, they learn that nothing is what it seems, not even each other.

Now, caught in a celestial war between two ancient factions, Harper and Raf must uncover a secret that spans Maya mythology and Greek legend, before it’s too late…


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