Unspoken Affection: A Fiction Based on Current Events

| September 13, 2014


Unspoken Affection: A Fiction Based on Current Events; For Teens and Inquiring Grown-Ups

One Land, Two Beliefs, One Major Conflict

A Modern Day Israeli/Palestinian Love Story for Teens and Inquiring Adults

Amram, an Israeli solder falls in love with a mysterious Palestinian girl after she saves him from a suicide-bomber. The reality of military check-points which is a part of the Palestinians’ everyday life is brought to light in this short story. The young multicultural, after many months of seeing one another at the Israeli check-point, finally make a decision about their future. A peaceful love created in a war-torn country takes the reader into an international conflict on a very personal level.

If you have ever wondered about details surrounding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, “Unspoken Affection” is an unbiased, and unforgettable history lesson.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.


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