Torn Apart (A Hero series novel Book 1)

| September 16, 2014


Torn Apart (A Hero series novel Book 1)

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Justice series. Why not pick up a FREE copy of the first book in the Justice series CRUEL JUSTICE too.

End Result – the second book in the Hero series also available.

Everyone understands about the no-go districts–areas of the city so overrun with gang violence even the police stay away. In this book, the first in a new series, DI Hero Nelson sets out to combat the issue.

When Saskia Hartley and her nine-year-old son are run down outside a restaurant, DI Nelson knows it is no ordinary hit-and-run incident. He’s looking at a homicide case… and the evidence points to the brutal Krull Gang. When two prostitutes are murdered, but little interest is given to the women on the Krull’s payroll, Nelson connects the dots.
DI Nelson has to decide whether he’s dealing with a turf war or something far more sinister.

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