Hancock Hill

| September 18, 2014


Hancock Hill

The 1950s… a small suburban town… a sledding party on Hancock Hill… Alex Dunhaigen scores a date with gorgeous Kay Cosgrove. But the next day Kay suddenly leaves town, and when Alex learns that her violent stepfather has heard about an indiscrete moment on their date, he fears the worst and that it was his fault.

Four years later… Alex is in college, and bad luck and questionable choices lead life down painful paths. At the same time, he and his brilliant best friend, Zach, are building their invention, a transforming gift to the world. But those who do not want a transformed world include the powerful father of a woman Alex is dating. His quest for love, his friendship with Zach, and their revolutionary dream combine in a volatile mix that threatens everyone in Alex’s life. Does the resolution to these torments lie on Hancock Hill?

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