Regenerate: A Sgt Major Crane Novel

| September 19, 2014


Regenerate: A Sgt Major Crane Novel

Regenerate is an edge-of-the-seat crime thriller that is perfect for fans of Lee Child and Peter James. It is the fifth in Wendy Cartmell’s bestselling crime, thriller and mystery Sgt Major Crane series.

When Padre Symmonds and his wife Kim find a dead baby on the steps of the Royal Garrison Church, they call Sergeant Major Crane in to investigate.
Despite pleas from the local community and the media for the parents to come forward and seek help, Crane can’t trace the baby’s mother.
He suspects Kerry, a recently widowed army wife, who is finding it hard to deal with her husband’s recent death…
But after searching her flat and checking her baby was safe and breathing, he is left with an uncanny feeling that he’s missed something.
Simultaneously, Crane is expected to deal with a high profile drugs case.
Someone inside the Army is importing heroin using army equipment as a cover-up.
But just as he gets a lead on the case, the unthinkable happens and another baby goes missing in Aldershot…
This may be his only chance to catch the drug lord Anic, but he can’t stop thinking about Kerry and her baby…
What has he missed?
And can he solve the mystery before it’s too late?

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