Beneath a Black Moon

| September 20, 2014


Beneath a Black Moon

The year is 1899 and Manhattan is a city-state under supernatural siege. More than thirty years after the Black Moon drove the world mad, an unlikely savior will rise….

After being booed off stage and having her throat slashed by an ex-lover’s razor, the streetwise actress Mab wallows in endless mud, sinners and some rather distressing theological conclusions. Redemption, decidedly-unearned, comes in the form of a bitter sorcerer-scientist who has vengeance on his mind and a spare corpse for lent.

Armed with a new, cumbersome body and an admittedly overblown sense of the dramatic, Mab must find a murderer that stalks haunted Manhattan’s most vulnerable citizens before her borrowed time runs out. The killer is more than a common madman however, and Mab soon herself snared in the coils of a conspiracy willing to risk Manhattan’s destruction to achieve its unspeakable ends.

So chalk the doors, trade the Flatiron Building for the Teapot and forget about the subway; Beneath the Black Moon will give you a new appreciation for the little things in life. Like storm drains.

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