Action Adventure: The Jade Queen (Lynchmort James Action Adventure)

| September 20, 2014


Action Adventure: The Jade Queen (Lynchmort James Action Adventure)

Jason Bourne meets Indiana Jones. In the tradition of James Rollins and Clive Cussler comes the newest adventure hero, Lynchmort James.

In the darkest hours of World War Two, a string of grisly murders has the European city of Gaston in a panic, and the cops are being paid to look the other way. Lynchmort James, ex-soldier and now boozer, opium addict and womanizer, in mourning for the death of his beloved Eliza, wants only to be left alone, but that isn’t going to happen. Something bad’s going on, and if he wants to know peace again he’s got to figure out who’s behind it — and stop them.

The bodies are mutilated strangely, almost as if some sinister procedure has been performed on them, but no one seems to know its purpose. Soon the clues lead Lynch to a strange, unwholesome group of people known only as the Society, and with their discovery Lynch is plunged into a nightmare of action, mystery, romance and exoticism.

What the Society’s agenda is remains an enigma, but it involves a bizarre excavation deep under the earth, and some equally bizarre ruins. Can the Society be allied with the Nazis? Can their agenda have anything to do with the myth of ancient Atlantis? To stop them before their sinister plans are realized, Lynch must find out, but it won’t be easy, and anything can happen with the arrival of . . . the Jade Queen


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