Christmas Bizarre

| October 10, 2017



What do Santa’s Sidekick, a dead lawyer and a geriatric vampire have in common? Meet Mina Kitchen–a forty-something single who finds trouble quicker than she can whip up a batch of breakfast breads. Plural. Her catering disorder runs neck-and-neck with her weird luck, and her cat’s weirder tendency toward gnawing elf gear. Okay, and getting kidnapped a couple of times in one week is a little strange, too.

Her next door neighbor Vito’s past as ex-leader of the Moils, the Jewish-Polish Family from Bumville, New Jersey, comes to light and throws a dollop of dilemmas into an already simmering plot.

Top it all off with a counterfeiting ring, a county-wide dearth of holiday wrapping tape, and a mass of pets running loose at the local mall, and what do you have? A recipe for disaster that Mina whips to a froth.

If you’re looking for funny novels for women, packed with humor, cozy animals (in the guise of pets) — and recipes — look no further. The second book in the hilarious Mina Kitchen Comedies, Christmas Bizarre will keep you smiling when you’re not shouting up a belly laugh. It delivers a LOL tour of Lancaster, “Pee-Ay”, where you’ll discover a lively cast of characters, funny dialogue and lots of twists and turns.

Do you like funny fiction with a hint of thrillers, mysteries and suspense? Download Christmas Bizarre NOW! Chock full of delightful surprises, this cozy mystery closes with a bonus section of free recipes, inspired by the story and vetted by Lund’s chef husband, for your own culinary creation and consumption.

AMAZON READER REVIEW: “…feel of Jerry Seinfeld meets Catch 22 while watching a Pink Panther movie. I will be looking for more from Ms. Lund.”

“Laugh out loud funny in places and snicker worthy in others.”


“Miss Lund has a wonderful and quirky since of humor. While charging from one crazy temp job to another, (Christmas at the mall will never be the same;) she managed to pickup a stalker. Mina, not Miss Lund. Please come meet this wonderful cast of characters.”


“Well written, brilliantly paced and laugh-out-loud funny, Lizz Lund rises head and shoulders above a lot of the offerings out there. Her books are chock full of accessible characters, unpredictable conflicts and wonderful plot twists. Farcical perhaps, but there’s never a sense of it being self-conscious or contrived. Mina Kitchen’s just an ordinary gal, struggling to make ends meet, looking for love, and finding herself knee- and sometimes neck-deep in bizarre developments. But in the end, it’s her down to earth, roll with it attitude that engages the reader and keeps us laughing all the way.”

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