For Renata

| September 21, 2014


For Renata

“Moving at a fast clip…the narrative explores many weighty issues…which Sharry covers with insight and finesse. …the tale becomes quite gripping as the details of past mysteries unfold.

A nostalgic romance, rich with Portuguese culture and a few surprising twists at the end.” KIRKUS REVIEWS.

Renata Raposo is struggling to make a new life on Cape Ann when stranger Mark Valente appears with a journal kept by his uncle, Peter Ahearn, almost forty years ago. It chronicles Peter’s isolated life as keeper of a nearby lighthouse, his passionate and dangerous love affair with the young Renata…and an astonishing confession.

But Mark is stunned when the Portuguese beauty denies everything, dismissing the writings as merely the fantasies of a lonely, broken man.

Now Mark is left to question whether anything his uncle wrote…including the confession…is true. He must connect past to present, and piece together a picture of what really happened decades before. And he must grapple with his own burgeoning infatuation with the now middle-aged, mysterious Renata.

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