A Pebble Tossed

| September 23, 2014


A Pebble Tossed

Don’t miss this gripping small-town thriller.

Tim Raither knows he’s likely to die today. What he doesn’t know is where he is or how he got there. Severely injured, fading in and out of consciousness, he is unable to do anything but wait, and hope someone finds him, while the ruthless criminal who put him there roams the little town of Sycamore, Maryland in search of little girls.

Tim’s daughters, Lindsey and Amanda, are working on the clues of a treasure hunt that he prepared for them. When Tim fails to come home after hiding the treasure, his wife Kate begins a frantic search of the local roads, while Lindsey and Amanda continue with the treasure hunt, but with a new goal in mind: to find their father. To Kate’s chagrin, the girls disappear into the countryside as well, unaware that they could be in even greater danger than their father.

A Pebble Tossed is a suspenseful tale of relationships and redemption, a small town thriller revolving around compelling everyman characters. It takes place in a once-rural area that is rapidly becoming suburban, and contrasts the simple innocence of growing up in a bygone era with the more complex and infinitely more dangerous world of today.

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