Jake Fonko M.I.A.

| September 24, 2014


Jake Fonko M.I.A.

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Meet Jake Fonko, America’s coolest covert agent.

An ex-surfer and decorated Ranger working in Army Intelligence, Jake Fonko is dispatched to Saigon during the final days of the Vietnam War, temporarily on loan to the CIA. Jake figures that he’ll ride a desk, relax in Saigon and collect a paycheck – but the CIA has other plans.

The agency mysteriously ships him off to Cambodia on a top-secret mission to make contact with an agency asset who’s been out of the loop for two years. The trail has gone cold, and Jake begins to wonder why the CIA chose him, a soldier with little espionage expertise.

But before he can find the answer, the Khmer Rouge take over Cambodia and Jake quickly finds himself fighting for his life in unfriendly territory. With no allies, no backup and no hope of evacuation, Jake must rely on his ingenuity and wits if he hopes to keep breathing.

Will he find out why the CIA sent him on this mission? Can he survive the killing fields long enough to track down the target? And will he make it out of chaotic and corrupt Cambodia alive to tell his tale?

Blending a dash of Flashman’s history, a helping of Travis McGee’s lifestyle and a hint of James Bond’s suave cool, Jake Fonko M.I.A. is an adventure you won’t believe, except…what if it’s all true?

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